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Yeni Molinet - English

Yeni Molinet
Yeni Molinet
She began her artistic career when she was 5 years old in children dance courses at the "Casa de la Cultura" of Placetas - Villa Clara (Cuba).
In 1999 she successfully passed the aptitude test for the "Escuela Profesional de Arte Samuel Feijoo" of Santa Clara (Cuba), the only professional school of folk dances in Cuba.
In 2002 she completed her studies obtaining the graduation of "professional dancer and teacher of folk dances" with the maximum evaluation.
In the same year Yeni auditioned for the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba" and received the highest scores thus finding herself amongst the only three females selected and she was incorporated in the main  corps de ballet of the prestigious dance Company.
        [Thecnical dates]         [Certification]         [Identity card]
In the 2003 she participated in the repeated execution of the choreography "Oriki to Obatala"with the participation of the famous cuban folk singer Lazaro Ros.
From 2003 she regularly began to participate at the "Sabado de la Rumba", at all the national tour of the company and all the events that took place at major theaters (Gran Teatro de La Habana - Karl Marx - Garcia Lorca - Teatro America etc ...) or scenarios of the country, often with the presence of the cuban President Fidel Castro and his international guests.
Always like first level dancer, in the following years she continued the specialization and participation in the choreography:  Obatereo; Ciclo Yoruba "Yemayà"; Musica popular "Mambo y Descarga" (Salsa Cubana); Danza de las Canastas "Ochun"; Danza de los Apalencados "Bailes Congos"; Yoruba "Iyesa"; Tumba Francesa; Oya de 9; Dahomeño; Rumba y Comparsa,  under the masters's guidance of:
- Santiago Alfonso (teacher, choreographer and former director of the "Cabaret Tropicana de La Habana")
- Domingo Pau (founder, teacher and choreographer in the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional")
- Rogelio Martinez Furè (founder and professor in the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional")
- Manolo Micler (director, teacher and choreographer in the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional")
- Zenaida Almentero (singer diva international of Folklore Cubano)
and others...
In the 2004, following her professional career in the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba", she also became the selector judge in the "Escuela de Variedades y Espetaculos Nacional" in the specialty of "Folklore".
In the 2006 she got the first level as "dancer and teacher specialized in folk dances" on the "national  of artistic dance".
In following years she participated in the international tours of "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba" in Ecuador end Mexico, where she participated like protagonist in all of the company’s female choreographies with great hit.
All that years spent in "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba" allowed Yeni Molinet to take a great domain and  teaching methodology  of the various cuban folk dances, ranging from Danzon, Son, Tumba Franceza, Mambo, Cha cha cha, through Rumba (Yambu, Guaguancò, Columbia), Comparsa, to Congo dances (Palo, Makuta, Yuca) and of course Casino (Salsa cubana), Reggaeton and others...
In September 2007 she moved to Udine (Italy), where she graduated to "Master of Caribbean Dance" - "Gold", the highest level of  the italian federation of dance FIDS/CONI  and she founded her dance school "Yeni Molinet y su Danza Estelar".
She is Member N° 13667 of International Dance Council (CID) - U.N.E.S.C.O.
She currently participates in the best festivals, congresses and popular Cuban dance events.
She is recognized for her great artistic skills, professionalism, experience, charisma, grace and elegance and is widely credited as being one of the best dancers and teachers n the contemporary world of Cuban culture.
Her methodology is the result of the specific scholastic preparation received over many years, increased and improved by the great direct experience of teaching to thousands of people to whom she has imparted and continues to impart his highly appreciated lessons.
These are some of the congresses and festivals where she is named as artist and teacher:
Cubamemucho - Vienna (Austria)
Vienna Salsa Congress - Vienna (Austria)
Viva Cuba Festival - San Paolo (Brasil)
Ashè Wemilere - Montreal (Canada)
Habaneando - Santiago (Chile)
Great China Tour - Beijing/Shanghai (China)
Weekend AfroCubano - Lefkosia (Cyprus)
Cubamemucho - Limassol (Cyprus)
Salsa Festival - Porec (Croatia)
Croatian Summer Salsa Festival - Rovinj (Croatia)
Festival Ritmo Cuba - La Habana (Cuba)
Festival Mujeres en la Danza - Quito (Ecuador)
Lady Latin Festival - Helsinki (Finland)
International Salsa Festival - Tampere (Finland)
International Salsa Festival - Turku (Finland)
Festival Cubayonne - Bayonne (France)
Echa pa’ ca - Brest (France)
Festival International Cubano - Orange (France)
Timba Revolution - Paris (France)
Aquì Cuba - Rennes (France)
Rumba y Candela - Strasbourg (France)
Hola Cuba Festival - Toulouse (France)
Yo vengo de Cuba - Augsburg (Germany)
SalsaLove - Frankfurt (Germany)
Unidanza Afro Cuban Dance Festival - Hamburg (Germany)
A Lo Cubano Festival - Karlsruhe (Germany)
Cubamemucho - Munich (Germany)
I Am Cuban All Star - Kalogria (Greece)
Tropical AfroCuban SalsaFest - Paralia Katerini (Greece)
Thessaloniki AfroCuban SalsaFest - Thessaloniki (Greece)
Festival Arrebatate - Budapest (Hungary)
Cuba Libre Festival - Acre (Israel)
Cuba Libre Festival - Ashkelon (Israel)
Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress - Eilat (Israel)
Balagan Festival - Eilat (Israel)
Festival Village - Bussolengo (Italy)
Remeneate - Cervia (Italy)
Remeneate - Chianciano Terme (Italy)
Tropicando - Gabicce (Italy)
LatinCuba - Latina (Italy)
Festival Bailando Salsa - Modena (Italy)
Cubamania Salsa Congress - Montesilvano (Italy)
Baila en Paradise - Paestum (Italy)
Aijaco Latino - Passo del Tonale (Italy)
Made In Cuba Festival - Perugia (Italy)
Remeneate - Pesaro (Italy)
Conjunto Rumbero - Riccione (Italy)
Conjunto Salsero - Riccione (Italy)
Roma Dance All Star - Rome (Italy)
Salsa On Tour - San Vincenzo (Italy)
Eventopeople - Scalea (Italy)
Aijaco Latino - Sestriere (Italy)
Domenica Latina - Trapani (Italy)
Danzarti - Treviso (Italy)
Vivimos por el baile - Treviso (Italy)
Aijaco Latino - Val di Fassa (Italy)
Cuban Hot Spot - Vilnius (Lithuania)
Raices Cubanas - Mexico City (Mexico)
Salsa Mambo Fest - Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
Cubamonte Salsa Festival - Podgorica (Montenegro)
Cubamonte Salsa Festival - Sutomore (Montenegro)
The Cuban Salsa Feeling Festival - Oslo (Norway)
Festival Cubano - Bielsko Biala (Poland)
Pedazo de Cuba - Katowice (Poland)
Festival Cubano - Lodz (Poland)
AfroCuban Festival - Poznań (Poland)
Western Salsa Camp - Rajgrodzie (Poland)
Bachaturo - Warsaw (Poland)
Warsaw Salsa Festival - Warsaw (Poland)
Key Salsa Festival - Wieliczka (Poland)
Calle de Timberos - Wroclaw (Poland)
Afroholic Project - Moscow (Russia)
Moscow Salsa & Kizomba Festival - Moscow (Russia)
TimbaFest - Moscow (Russia)
Summer Forest Fest - Vladimir City (Russia)
Festival Havana en Belgrado - Belgrade (Serbia)
Cubanero Salsa Festival - Novi Sad (Serbia)
Bailando Salsa Festival - Bratislava (Slovakia)
Hot Tatras Festival - Demänovská Dolina (Slovakia)
Manana Ljubljana - Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Cuban Salsa Festival - Koper (Slovenia)
Guaguancò Festival - Barcelona (Spain)
TimBarcelona - Barcelona (Spain)
Guaguancò Festival - Lloret De Mar (Spain)
Cubamemucho - Mallorca (Spain)
Cubanamera - Mallorca (Spain)
Cubalencia - Valencia (Spain)
A lo Cubano - Stockholm (Sweden)
Guaguanco Stockholm Festival - Stockholm (Sweden)
Festival Cuba in Tunisia - Hammamet (Tunisia)
Festival Cuba in Tunisia - Monastir (Tunisia)
Festival Cuba in Tunisia - Sousse (Tunisia)
I Am Cuban All Star - Sousse (Tunisia)
Congreso Salsamayovka - Kiev (Ukraine)
Cuban Folklore Festival "Cuba Si" - Kiev (Ukraine)
AfroSalsa Festival - Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Festival - Bournemouth (United Kingdom)
London International Cuban Congress - London (United Kingdom)
Salsa Rueda Festival - Las Vegas (U.S.A.)
Salsa Rueda Festival - San Francisco (U.S.A.)
Afro Latin Festival - Houston (U.S.A.)
and many more …

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